Module 01: Introduction to Operating Systems


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TRAINING UNIT 1: Installing, configuring and exploiting a computer system

Practical exercises
Practical exercise 1) Initial installation and configuration of VirtualBox and Debian GNU/Linux
Practical exercise 2) Basic command-line utilities. The Linux directory tree
Practical exercise 3) Basic network configuration
Practical exercise 4) Partitions and filesystems. Gparted.
Practical exercise 5) Permissions and ownership
Practical exercise 6) Managing users and groups
Practical exercise 7) Managing processes
Practical exercise 8) Managing services. Basic power management
Practical exercise 9) Docker containers


Useful links

Ressiting exam - ASXI1
Ressiting exam - DAW1

TRAINING UNIT 3: Installing specific purpose software (Free operating systems)

Powershell - Windows

Practica Exercise 1

Practical exercise 1a) Introduction to PowerShell (1)
Practical exercise 1b) Introduction to PowerShell (2)

Practical Exercise 2a
Prąctical exercise 2a) Scripting (Part 1)
Practical exercise 2a  - Solutions

Practical Exercise 2b
Prąctical exercise 2b) Scripting (Part 2)

Practical exercise 2b  - Solutions

Practical Exercise 2c
Prąctical exercise 2c) Scripting (Part 3)

Practical exercise 2c  - Solutions

Bash and deb packages - Linux

Practical exercise 3) Introduction to bash shell scripting
List of exercises - ASIX1 (Deadline: Monday 23-5-2022 at 10:00AM)
List of exercises - DAW1
(Deadline: Monday 23-5-2022 at 10:00AM)
Solutions (Monday 23-5-2022 at 10:05AM)
Practica exercise 4) How to create .deb packages


Ressiting exam - ASIX1
Ressiting exam - DAW1